Presentation Notes for the Opening Session with Justin & John

Slide Deck - (its big and will take a bit to download). The slides are creative commons licensed, so feel free to use and share, just attribute to the source.
Other Useful Slides

Links we talked about:

  1. Today'sMeet
  2. Twitter Hashtag - #UKNextGen

Big Data
  1. A Zettabyte
  2. Ray Kurzwiel - Law of Accelerating Returns
  3. Donnie Piercy (Woodford County) with Glass:
  4. Google Glass Video

Technology Change
  1. Google Chromecast
  2. Last Roll of Kodachrome

Global Economics
  1. Kentucky County Business Patterns
  2. KY County Business Dataset
  3. Kentucky Coal Facts
  4. GREAT photos of Jackson, Breathitt & Eastern Kentucky
  5. Tartar Industries - Casey County
  6. Paducah Gassious Diffusion News

  1. Wallace Foundation - Leadership second only to classroom teaching ...
  2. Leithwood - Transformational Leadership and School Culture