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Next Generation Leadership Academy
February 8 Feedback


School leaders will embrace and implement a change effort to transform the learning experience to:

1) Personalize learning

2) Engage students in relevant and deeper learning

3) Improve graduation rates

4) Improve graduates’ readiness for college and career

5) Close achievement gaps

Action Steps:

1) Create a sense of urgency for transforming education systems.

2) Develop an understanding of the critical attributes of Next Generation Learning.

3) Identify student-centered approaches to learning.

4) Develop an awareness of next generation transformative school models.

5) Build a network and create green space for innovation, research, and discovery.

6) Design and build Learning Innovation Zones.


1) Action plans created by school and district leaders will outline monitoring plans for each change effort.

2) Graduation rates, college and career readiness metrics, achieve gap data, and student survey data will be analyzed for each participating school or district to measure growth and define next steps.

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