1) Opportunity for Advanced Learning (Homework) – Student Interviews: Interview three students – 1 elementary, 1 middle, 1 high school – asking these specific questions that were used to interview students at Elkhorn Crossing School:
A. Open Specific
· What year in school did you just finish?
· How long have you been at your school?
· What's a great thing happening at your school right now?
· What kinds of things do you think you do differently from kids at other grade level
B. Go Broad
· What are your aspirations for the future?
· Why did you choose those?
· What do you see that could get in the way of achieving your goals?
C. Probe Deep – Tell them: We want to figure out how to create a school that amazes our students.
· What's the biggest problem currently in your school?
· What do you wish the teachers knew but don't about students?
· What do you wish the principal at your school knew but doesn't?
· Have you heard of new ways of doing things at other schools?
· What should your school do?
· Why do you say that?
Then, talk to 100 students (teams may divide this number) about their learning experience in your school/district. You may use the specific questions outlined above or questions you create to better understand the needs of your students.
2) Book Study – If you signed up for a book study, books were mailed today to district offices, KVEC office, and Asbury office for distribution. Books to Pikeville University and Forward in the Fifth were mailed separately.
Reading assignments:

Clock Watchers – Chapters 1 –3
The Future Belongs to Those Who are FAST – pages 1 – 41
Leaving to Learn –Chapters 1 – 3
Unleashed to Learn – Part I and Part II
Please bring your books to the September meeting for discussion over lunch. On-line discussion groups will be organized and log-in information distributed at the September meeting.

If you did not sign up for a book study and you wish to participate, please email book preference to jobeth.jordan@uky.edu and your book will be mailed to you.