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Stakeholder Conversation Report

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Additional Resources

YouTube Channel-Includes various videos that you may want to view.

Diigo-This link contains numerous web pages around the 6 critical attributes. We encourage you to join the group and add resources!

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College and Career Readiness Article about college placement tests

Schools Successfully Implementing Critical Attributes:

Danville Publication

20 Schools Innovating with Digital Tools

Manor New Technology High School

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

New York City iSchool

School of One - NY

Envision Schools

High Tech High

New Tech

Northwest College and Career Academy

The Metro School

Mooresville Graded School District

Intel Schools of Distinction in Math and Science:

Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia


Quick Wins to Implement in Your District

Systems of Support: Assign an adult to be personally responsible for each child’s success in middle and high school every day he is in the school system.

Student Agency: Organize student focus groups and begin a discussion about how they would improve their school or classroom.

Performance Assessment: START THE YEAR WITH SUCCESS. Every teacher in every class in every school should ensure that every student begins the school year with a successful learning experience. If teachers use mastery learning techniques in only one instructional unit all year, use it in the first one. Develop a high quality formative assessment, use the results to guide students in correcting learning problems or difficulties, and offer students a second chance on a parallel formative assessment in order to experience learning success. Finally stress to students that with this success, they have established the foundation to ensure that other successes will follow.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning: Identify a willing and capable teacher, or team of teachers, to implement a pilot 1:1 program. If resources are available, you can provide school owned computing devices to each student. Another option would be to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program where students are encouraged to bring their own computing device or smart phone. Your teachers should be encouraged to use the technology as a way to extend learning outside of the classroom walls during traditional school time.

Personalized Learning: Take stock of all the ways in which you are currently customizing learning for each child. Identify gaps and INITIATE plans to make connections between where you are and where you want to be in providing stronger support for each child.

World Class Knowledge and Skills:
Identify a willing and able teacher(s) in each school to develop a project-based learning unit and implement it during the year. This project can be a group/department effort. Collect evidence of collaboration, critical thinking etc. in project materials, student logs and Presentation of Learning event(s).

Identify a willing and able teacher(s) to develop a digital game design unit or course to incorporate common core standards in mathematics and language arts.